About us

Columbia Warriors is a non-profit community based organization serving families in Howard County and surrounding communities throughout Maryland. Our mission is to enrich the lives of young people by focusing on a growth mindset, excellent character, and self improvement. We encourage our members to strive for greatness individually while contributing toward group goals through competitive exercise both mentally and physically. 



Our systems and  culture are guided by and based on the following principles. 

1. Execute everything with military precision. 

We strive to impart a sense of urgency and importance in every aspect of what we do.

2.  Be loud about your needs

We teach our players to clearly communicate what their needs are to those who need to hear it

3. The way of the small thought

We urge our children to focus on the simplest method of achieving a goal first.
 The art of keeping effectiveness through simplicity

4. Managing chaos  while maintaining  inner peace. 
Learning not only to exist in both high and low stress environments but
also how to adapt to a sudden shift from one extreme to another. 



about us


We are a youth organization in Howard County, MD. We work with children of all ages from K-12 in basketball development and competitive play. We offer programs every season with basketball being our primary focus. 

Regardless of your child’s level of play, we have a place in our organization where they can learn, develop and grow.

Organization-wide principles are uniformly taught to everyone in our organization regardless of age or activity.

– Be practical – “The way of the small thought”

– Learning from mistakes -“Fall forward”

– Setting Goals – Have a plan to succeed

– Use words wisely – to reaffirm self and others

our GOAL

To develop and encourage a growth mindset, build character and integrity through competition


Our coaches undergo extensive training and continuing education to ensure our players are developed with a consistent culture throughout our teams.

Family Centered

We are family oriented and we strive to provide a culture which is conducive to the growth and upliftment of families within our community


Teamwork is one of the main principles that we pursue at our Club.